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A 'Featured Bank Note' will be shown on the Main page, as well as each State's Bank Note History Home page, to highlight the bank note, with links to the Bank History, and Banker Bios for the note signers. These Featured Bank Notes clearly illustrate the type of historical information we have available on this wiki. New bank notes will be featured periodically to highlight new content on the wiki. To be eligible as a Featured Bank Note, the wiki pages for the associated Bank History and Banker Bios must be available.

Following are bank notes that have been featured in the past:

$10 Series 1882 Brown Back issued by the Hardin National Bank, Elizabethtown, KY pen signed by W.C. Montgomery, Cashier (1901-1910) and C. Hotopp, President (1901-1922). Courtesy of Lyn Knight Currency Auctions, www.lynknight.com.
$10 1902 Red Seal issued by the First National Bank, Grantsburg, WI pen signed by H.A. Anderson, Cashier (1906-1920) and F.H. Wellcome, President (1906-1920).
$1 Obsolete Bank Note issued by the Central Bank of New Ulm, MN signed by Henry M. Knox, Cashier (1859-1861) and John Jay Knox, President (1859-1861).