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Banker Information page for John Jay Knox

SPMC Bank Note History Project - Banker Data Challenge by State

See how your favorite State is doing in the Banker Data Challenge and help us out with gathering basic banker data (full name and birth/death dates) for the SPMC Banks & Bankers Database!

We already have almost all of the bankers who would have been signing National bank notes set up in the database (currently 65,000+ bankers). But most of those bankers are just in there with their first & middle initials, which makes it hard to identify them. So, we're trying to get basic info (full name and birth/death dates) into the database for as many of these bankers as we can. This information helps us tie together multi-bank (and multi-state) bankers and also provides a good starting point for further biographical research on these bankers.

How to Submit Basic Banker Data

The easiest way to help us out with gathering basic banker data (full name and birth/death dates) is to locate the banker's page (or Wikipedia page if a famous person) and then submit that link to the Banks & Bankers Database. This link can easily be submitted when viewing that banker's Banker Information page in the Database.

To view a banker's Banker Information page, first you need to login to the Banks & Bankers Database from the website. Here is a link to the Bank Note History Project home page with instructions on how to get logged into the Banks & Bankers Database.

Once you are logged into the Banks & Bankers Database, the quickest way to get to a bank officer is to click on the Officer Search button in the upper left corner. Then, on the Bank Officer Search page, just type in the charter number for the bank your banker was associated with and click on the Search button to bring up a list of the bank officers for that bank. Find the banker in the list and click on the banker's name to bring up the Banker Information page. In the Comments, Links & Sources section, you will see instructions on how to submit a BioLink for that banker. See the screenshot to the right for an example of a Banker Information page. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

After a BioLink has been submitted for a banker, a database administrator will see that, and update the banker's bio info based on the link. The Banker Data Stats by State table below will be regularly updated with the latest banker counts. Thanks for helping us out!

Current Banker Data Stats by State

In the table below, the Bankers column shows the number of bankers with basic bio info entered for them. The Total Bankers column is the number of bankers in the database for that state (including all Presidents & Cashiers, as well as VPs and Asst Cashiers that are known to have signed bank notes). This table will be updated regularly.

The table can be sorted based on any of the columns. Just click on the column header of the column you want to sort by. Clicking again on the column header will toggle thru the three sort order options. The arrow(s) on the sort column indicate the current sort order: Both-Arrows (Up & Down) is Original/Default sort order, Up-Arrow is Ascending, Down-Arrow is Descending.

Current Banker Data Challenge Stats (January 25, 2023)

State Bankers Pct Done Total Bankers
Pennsylvania 2989 47.3 6318
Iowa 2704 97.1 2785
Minnesota 979 42.5 2306
Tennessee 972 97.4 998
Maryland 829 100 829
Alabama 711 95.1 748
Oklahoma 626 24.9 2517
Missouri 409 31.5 1299
New York 399 8.1 4945
Illinois 391 10.6 3691
Ohio 301 8.9 3391
Oregon 277 39.1 708
Texas 194 4.3 4494
South Dakota 186 21.7 857
New Jersey 153 8.4 1816
Wisconsin 145 11.8 1227
Nebraska 137 7.9 1745
Indiana 130 6.2 2099
Massachusetts 129 5.8 2229
Virginia 117 10.8 1084
Kentucky 106 8.5 1249
Connecticut 88 11 798
North Carolina 86 14.6 590
Michigan 79 6.1 1301
California 72 3.8 1907
Kansas 63 3 2106
District of Columbia 59 44.4 133
Colorado 54 5.1 1051
New Hampshire 47 8.8 532
Mississippi 47 16.2 291
Vermont 46 8.6 538
Washington 42 5.2 811
South Carolina 34 8.4 406
Delaware 34 17.9 190
Maine 32 4.4 721
North Dakota 31 2.9 1067
West Virginia 31 3.7 829
Georgia 30 3.6 834
Wyoming 29 11.1 261
Utah 27 15.1 179
Idaho 27 6.1 441
Florida 23 4.3 530
Arizona 23 13 177
Arkansas 22 4.2 521
Montana 22 3.7 593
Louisiana 17 4.6 371
New Mexico 14 3.9 357
Rhode Island 14 3.4 412
Alaska 8 32 25
Nevada 7 8.8 80
Hawaii 6 26.1 23
All States Bankers Pct Done Total Bankers
Totals 14000 21.4 65416


  • Thanks to the following people who have helped with Banker Bio information for the SPMC Banks & Bankers Database:
Frank Clark, Greg Culpepper, Dan Dieter, Julie Drengson, Mark Drengson, Jim Ehrhardt, Manning Garrett, Loren Gatch, Todd Gylsen, Shawn Hewitt, Derek Higgins, David Hollander, Peter Huntoon, Glen Jorde, Karl Kabelac, Sullivan Labno, William Lynch, Fred Maples, Robert Pfaff, Cord Polen, Richard Radick, Cody Regennitter, Tim Sanda, Gil Sem, Adam Stroup, Steve Sweeney, Andy Timmerman, Cory Williams.