William Currer Briggs (Pipestone, MN)

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William Currer Briggs, 1917

William Currer Briggs (July 27, 1861 – June 2, 1928)


Early life and family

William Currer Briggs was born on July 27, 1861 in Yorkshire, England. He attended college in England, and emigrated to the U.S. in August 1879 at the age of 18. He farmed in north western Iowa and Rock County, MN from 1881 to 1884, and moved to Pipestone in 1885, where he became associated with the Close Brothers land company. [1] [2] [3]

In 1889, W.C. married his wife Laura. They were (probably) married in England and then came back to Pipestone to live, where they had 3 children; Dorothy E. born in January 1892, Gladys L. born in November 1895, and Henry E. C. born in November 1898. [4]

Banking career

In 1889, W.C. Briggs helped organize the First National Bank of Pipestone. He became cashier in March of 1893 (succeeding his older brother Henry E. Briggs), and then became President in January 1898, serving in that capacity until September 1913. [5] [6]

Other career highlights

On Sept 22, 1913, he retired from the First National Bank, and went into the real-estate business. In 1916 he was elected Mayor of Pipestone. Later in 1916, he was elected to represent Pipestone County in the Minnesota State Legislature, and was re-elected in 1918 and 1920. While serving in the legislature, he chaired the Banks & Banking Committee. [1][2][3][5]

In 1922, W.C. and his family moved to St. Paul, MN where he accepted a position with the State Banking Dept. as Receiver for closed banks. He worked there until poor health forced him to retire. [1][2]

Later life and death

William Currer Briggs passed away at the age of 66 on June 2, 1928 in St. Paul, and is buried there next to his wife, who had died in March 1927. [1][2]

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, W. C. Briggs was involved with the following National Bank: [6][7]

$5 Series 1882 Brown Back signed by Wm. Frost, Cashier and W.C. Briggs, President.
1906 Bank Letter signed by W.C. Briggs, President.


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