William Frost (Pipestone, MN)

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ca. 1900 photo of William Frost (Pipestone County Historical Society)

William Frost (March 1856 – April 14, 1932)


Early life and family

William Frost was born March 1856 in Hadleigh, Essex, England and emigrated to the U.S. in 1883. He settled that same year in Pipestone, and started the Frost and Powell Furniture Store with Alex Powell. 1,2,3

On March 22, 1884 he was married in Pipestone to Elizabeth C. Cheverton of London, England. They had one son William Jr., born in June 1888. 4,1

In 1900, he was running a Hardware Store, and in the 1905 time frame, in addition to banking, he was also farming at his Grange township farm. 1,7

Banking career

In January 1903, William Frost became Cashier of the First National Bank of Pipestone, and served in that capacity until January 1909, when he became Vice-President. He stayed active in the bank until he and his wife and son moved to Los Angeles, CA in the fall of 1913. He remained a stockholder in the First National Bank of Pipestone for the rest of his life. 3,8,9,10,11

Other career highlights

Mr. Frost was also a contractor/builder. He built several of the buildings in Pipestone's Downtown Historic District, including the Calumet Hotel (with C. Smith) in 1887-1888, the Cheverton/IOOF Block in 1889 (115 W. Main, now the Hobby Shoppe), and the Clymer Block in 1890 (114 W. Main, now the Second Edition thrift store). 5,6

Later life and death

William Frost passed away at the age of 76 on April 14, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA. 3

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, William Frost was involved with the following bank(s): 12

1882 $20 Brown Back with pen signatures of Wm. Frost, Cashier and W.C. Briggs, President


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