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This page provides a link and a brief description for Bank Note History related articles that don't fit into the Bank History or Banker Bio topics. This list will be organized by State, where applicable. Articles that aren't specific to a State will be listed under the General Articles section.

General Articles

This article is a detailed tutorial on how to use the National Bank Search procedures in the Banks & Bankers Database, and shows the information available for each bank. It also provides a brief overview on how to use the Bank Officer Search.
This article provides an overview of the Bank Note History Wiki. It also lets you know how you can help us out with historical content for the Wiki and the Banks & Bankers Database.
This is a link to a Wikipedia article providing a general historical overview on National Bank Notes.
National Bank Notes were issued from 1863 to 1935 in five different Series including eleven Types. This article gives an overview of these Types, with links to a page displaying note images for each denomination issued for that Type. Each Bank History page in this wiki also provides links to these National Bank Note Type pages for each Type issued by that bank.
This article explains why some National Banks have Notes issued with serial number ranges where the Type is still uncertain. A current list of those banks is also provided. Collectors are invited to help us identify surviving notes for these banks that would allow us to assign the proper Type to these serial number ranges.

Minnesota Articles

The massive Ella Overby Hoard, discovered in her Starbuck, MN home after her death in 1970, contained over 700 large size National Bank Notes from towns throughout the United States. This article by Mark Drengson tells the story of that hoard, including summary stats of the National Bank Notes by Type, and highlights some of the rarities found in the hoard.

Pennsylvania Articles

This article by Adam Stroup provides a brief history of the twelve Grange National Banks in Pennsylvania, why they were formed, and the men and women behind them.