Edward J. Feldman (Pipestone, MN)

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Edward J. Feldman

Edward J. Feldman (March 17, 1880 – October 27, 1963) was a prominent, long-time Southwestern MN Banker, serving in several banks in the area for 60 years, including 48 years at the First National Bank of Pipestone, MN.


Early life and family

Edward J. Feldman was born March 17, 1880 in Freeport, IL to John and Dena (Schilling) Feldmann, one of seven children. Two years later, the family moved to Grundy County, IA, where he attended school, and worked on his father's farm. In 1895, the family moved to Lyon County, IA. E.J. attended Business College in Cedar Rapids, IA, and in 1901 accepted a short-term position as a stenographer at the George Savings Bank in George, IA. Around 1902 he moved to Holland, MN and went into the hardware business. He sold that business in 1905 and moved to Trosky, MN. 1,2,5

On August 31, 1903, he was married to Martha Zemke in Holland, MN. She was born in 1885 in Osceola, IA. They had a son Floyd (b. Aug 1904), and a foster child Irene (b. 1912). 1,3,4

Banking career

In 1905, E.J. Feldman purchased the (private) Trosky Bank from Sam Marshall, and together with his wife, they ran the bank. The bank survived the Panic of 1907 (with help from the First National Bank of Pipestone), and converted to the Citizens State Bank of Trosky in 1908. In June 1913, they sold the Trosky bank and purchased an interest in the First National Bank of Pipestone. E.J. became President of First National and served in that capacity from 1913 to 1919, and from 1921 until he passed away in 1963. 5

As a side-note, my mother worked at First National while E.J. was President, and remembers him as a very down to earth man. He would not allow carpet in his office, because he didn't want the farmers to feel uncomfortable walking into his office with their muddy boots. 6

E.J. Feldman was also President of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank in Montevideo, MN from 1921-1923, and Vice-President of the First National Bank in Montevideo from 1920-1924. Over the years, he was also a VP of the State Bank of Chandler, State Bank of Edgerton, and Marshall State Bank. E.J. served on the Board of Directors of the Citizens State Bank of Trosky, Ruthton State Bank, Farmers State Bank of Hatfield and Marshall State Bank. 7,8,9

Other career highlights

During his years in Pipestone, E.J. served as President of the Board of Education, and was a Director of the Pipestone Civic & Commerce Association. 2

Later life and death

E.J. Feldman passed away on October 27, 1963 at the age of 83, in Enid, OK in route to Long Beach, CA, where they spent their winters. He is buried in Long Beach, CA. 2

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, E. J. Feldman was involved with the following bank(s): 9

  • Trosky Bank, Trosky, MN (Private): Owner & Cashier 1905 - 1908
  • Citizens State Bank, Trosky, MN: President 1908 - Jun 1913
  • First National Bank of Pipestone, MN (Charter 3982): President Sep 1913 - Aug 1919 & Jan 1921 - Oct 1963
  • State Bank of Edgerton, MN: VP 1914 - 1934
  • State Bank of Chandler, MN: VP 1916 - 1921
  • First National Bank of Montevideo, MN (Charter 6860): VP 1920 - 1924
  • Farmers & Merchants Sate Bank of Montevideo, MN: President 1921 - 1923

$20 1902 Plain Back with stamped signatures of T.E. Nash, Cashier and E.J. Feldman, President.


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