Henry Edwin Briggs (Pipestone, MN)

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Henry E. Briggs ca.1890

Henry Edwin Briggs (December 28,1856 – November 6, 1895)


  • Name: Henry Edwin Briggs
  • Birth: December 28,1856 Yorkshire, England
  • Death: November 6, 1895 Bedford, England
  • Spouse: Georgina Martha (Tunnard) Briggs (m.1891)

Henry Edwin Briggs was born on December 28, 1856 in Yorkshire, England. He received a good education there, and also spent 2 years in Switzerland studying languages. Before leaving England for America, he was involved in banking and the dry goods business. Henry emigrated to the U.S. in September of 1880, and farmed near Kingsley, IA for a couple of years. In 1882, he moved to Luverne, MN where he farmed and raised stock. 1,2

In 1884, Mr. Briggs came to Pipestone, and in 1885 accepted a position as cashier at the private banking firm of W.G. Stoner and Charles Mylius. He helped organize the First National Bank of Pipestone in 1889 and became its first cashier. 2,3,4

Henry traveled back to Lincolnshire, England and married Georgina Martha Tunnard there in 1891. They returned to live in Pipestone, and had 2 children. Rawdon (b. 1892), and H.R. (b. 1894). 5,6

In March of 1893, Henry was promoted to Vice-President of the First National Bank, when his brother W. C. Briggs became cashier. He then became President in January 1895, and served in that capacity until he died later that year on November 6, 1895, at the age of 38. Henry passed away in Bedford, England, shortly after having traveled back there with his wife and children on the advice of his doctors. 7,8,1

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, Henry E. Briggs was involved with the following bank(s): 9

No bank notes are currently known with H.E. Briggs' signature.


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