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Charles Mylius ca.1890

Charles Mylius (February 1859 – March 24, 1934)


  • Name: Charles Mylius
  • Birth: February 1859 England
  • Death: March 24, 1934 Lake Como, Italy (Mylius family Villa)
  • Spouse: Anna A. (Pickard) Mylius (m.1888)

Charles Mylius was born February 1859 in England to Henry and Fannie (Ripley) Mylius. He was highly educated, graduating from Victoria University, and spoke English, Italian and German fluently. After graduating, he was in the banking business in England until he emigrated to the U.S. in 1883. His first settlement was in Le Mars, IA, where he was involved in banking for a year. While there he became a member of the prestigious (British only) Prairie Club. (The Close Brothers, who were instrumental in the early growth of Pipestone, were also members). 1,2,3,4

In July 1884, Charles with 2 brothers (Edward H. and Henry J.) formed Mylius Bros. and Co. and opened a real estate and loan agency in Adrian, MN. They also engaged in general banking business, and in October 1889, reorganized as the State Bank of Adrian, with capital stock of $25,000, largely owned by the Mylius brothers. 5,6

In 1885, in Pipestone, W.G. Stoner and Charles Mylius established the Bank of Southwestern Minnesota (later known as Stoner & Myluis, Bankers, and Charles Mylius & Company), with Mylius as President. This institution was reorganized in February 1889 as the First National Bank of Pipestone, with Charles Mylius as its first president. Mylius was instrumental in building the (current) Calumet Hotel in Pipestone, which was also the first home of the First National Bank. 7,8,9

In 1888, Charles Mylius was married to Anna A. Pickard in Pipestone. 1

In March 1893, Charles stepped down as President of the First National Bank, and moved to Sioux City, IA, where he was Secretary & Treasurer of the Sioux City Sash & Door Co. from 1893 to 1896. His house in Sioux City, a Queen Anne Revival house built by him in 1894 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (as the Mylius-Eaton House). 9,10,11

In 1896 they moved to Adrian, MN and Charles was involved in banking in that area for the next several years. He is listed as a founding Director for the State Bank of Lismore, MN. He is also listed as a founding Director and Vice-President for the Magnolia State Bank in Magnolia, MN. He served as the President of the Adrian State Bank from around 1900 to 1908. 1,12,13,14

Around 1910, Mr. & Mrs. Mylius moved to the Mylius family villa (acquired and rebuilt by Charles' father Henry in 1829) on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, where they spent the rest of their years. Anna Mylius passed away there on September 30, 1925, followed several years later by Charles who passed away on March 24, 1934. At the time of his death, he was Vice Consul from Great Britain. 15,16,3

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, Charles Mylius was involved with the following bank(s): 12

  • Bank of Southwestern Minnesota/Stoner & Myluis, Bankers/Charles Mylius & Co., Pipestone, MN: President 1884...1889
  • First National Bank, Pipestone, MN (Charter 3982): President 1889-1893; VP 1896
  • Adrian State Bank, Adrian, MN: President 1900...1908

(No bank notes are currently known with Charles Mylius' signature)


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