How to Edit a wiki page using the Visual Editor

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This is a Public wiki, so anyone can view the information, but only users with an account setup on this wiki website (and a confirmed email address) can Add new pages or Edit existing pages.

If you don't have your wiki login account set up yet, do the following:

  • Send an email to with a subject of 'New Wiki Account', and include your full name and email address.
  • When your account is set up, you will receive an email allowing you to change/set your login password. (Be sure to watch your spam folder, in case that email gets routed there).
  • When you set your login password, you will also need to confirm your email address by checking the 'confirm email address' checkbox down by your email address.
  • When you receive that confirmation email, respond as requested, and your email address will be confirmed.
  • After you have set your login password, and confirmed your email address, then you will be able to edit wiki pages (except for a few pages (such as the Main page) that are restricted).

How to edit a wiki page:

  • Login to the wiki using the login link in the upper right corner of every page.
  • Browse to the page you want to edit.
  • Click on the Edit tab along the top of the page (Note: The Edit Source tab uses the more advanced Source editor).
  • That will load the page into the Visual Editor, so you can modify it. Notice the Tool Bar across the top with icons for various edit functions.
  • After the page is loaded, find the text you want to change, and change it.
  • If you want to Bold or italicize some text, just highlight the relevant text and use the tool bar options across the top, or you can use shortcut keys Ctrl-B for Bold and Ctrl-I for Italic.
  • If you want to Undo your last change, just click on the back-arrow on the far left of the tool bar.
  • When everything looks ok, click on Save changes on the far right of the tool bar, and that will save your changes and redisplay the updated page in Read mode.
  • If you want to cancel all of your changes for some reason, just click on the Read tab, to get back into View mode, and if you have made any changes, it will ask if you want to cancel/discard your changes.

How to replace an (Image Needed) placeholder image on a wiki page:

Image Uploads: You can either upload new images using the Upload file sidebar link (while logged into your wiki account), or else in the Visual Editor (Edit tab) when you are editing a wiki page. It is probably easier to upload your image(s) first, using the Upload file sidebar link, and then use the Visual Editor to link those images to a wiki page.

Image Filenames: It is recommended that you use consistent descriptive image filenames to make it easier to locate image files, since there are many image files on this wiki. Examples would be TN-Nashville-Ch3228-CommercialNB-BankerPhoto-MarcusAntoniusSpurr-ca1905.jpg for a banker photo, SD-Deadwood-Ch2391-FNB-BankPostcard-ca1915.jpg for a bank postcard, or SD-Wetonka-Ch11441-FNB-1902PB-5-SN5897C-Heritage.jpg for a bank note. You can easily rename the destination filename during the upload process when you use the Upload file sidebar link.

  • As you are editing a wiki page using the Visual Editor, click once on the '(image needed)' placeholder image that you want to replace, and then click on the edit button (or just double click on the placeholder image). That will bring up the Media settings dialog.
  • Click on Change image in the lower left corner. That will bring up a list of any images you have recently uploaded (using the Upload file sidebar link).
  • If you have previously uploaded the image file, you can just select it from this list. Otherwise click on Upload to upload/save an image file from your computer.
  • The selected image will then be displayed. Click on Use this image.
  • It will then bring up a Caption box where you can type in the caption for this image.
  • Note: The image size will automatically be (re)set to the default size for your new image. So you will usually need to click on the Advanced tab to set the proper (Height x Width) size for this image on this page. Often this size will be listed in the placeholder caption (for example either x340px or 550x). Since the aspect ratio will always be preserved for these images, you always just enter one of the size settings (either height or width), and it will automatically recalc the other size setting. For example if the caption lists x340px for the size setting, the 'x' in front means enter 340 for the width (2nd) size setting. 550x (with the 'x' at the end) means enter 550 for the Height (1st) size setting, and it will automatically recalc the 2nd/Width setting. You may need to click on Custom to allow entering the new size setting.
  • Also on the Advanced tab, the Left/Center/Right setting and Image type settings were already set properly for the placeholder image, so you should not need to change those settings.
  • When done setting the caption and size settings, click on Apply changes and your new image will be displayed, and you can continue editing the page in the Visual Editor.
  • If you need to tweak the size settings or any other image settings, just click on the image, and then click 'Edit' to bring up the Media settings dialog as before.
  • If you just need to change the image caption, you can change that directly without pulling up the Media settings dialog.