First National Bank, Hudson, WI (Charter 95)

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ca.1900-1910 photo of the First National Bank built in 1870 (Courtesy Hudson Star-Observer)

First National Bank, Hudson, WI (Chartered 1863 - Closed (Merger) 2007)

Town History

2023 photo of the old First National Bank building (Google Street View)

Hudson is located in Saint Croix County in western Wisconsin, near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.

Hudson was originally called Willow River. It was later named Buena Vista by Judge Joel Foster, founder of River Falls, after returning from the Mexican War where he fought in the Battle of Buena Vista. In 1852, Alfred D. Gray, Hudson's first mayor, petitioned to change the city's name to Hudson, because the bluffs along the St. Croix River reminded him of the Hudson River in his native New York.

A large number of settlers arrived in the 1850s and 1860s. The lumber industry was the area's prime attraction during that time.

During the National Bank Note Era (1863-1935), the population of Hudson was 1,748 in 1870, growing to 3,259 in 1900, and dropping slightly to 2,725 in 1930. Its highest and current population was 14,755 in 2020.

Hudson had two National Banks chartered during the Bank Note Era, and one of those banks issued National Bank Notes.

Bank History

1895 bank letter signed by cashier D.C. Fulton
  • Chartered Oct 2, 1863
  • Succeeded Alfred Goss, Banker
  • Bank was Open past 1935
  • For Bank History after 1935 see FDIC Bank History website
  • Merged into Associated Bank, N.A. in Green Bay, WI Jun 29, 2007

Official Bank Title(s)

1: The First National Bank of Hudson, WI

Bank Note Types Issued

Series 1902 Red Seal $10 bank note with pen signatures of Joseph Yoerg, Cashier and Wm. H. Phipps, President. Courtesy of Lyn Knight Auctions,
Series 1902 Plain Back $10 bank note with pen signatures of Joseph Yoerg, Cashier and stamped signature of S.C. Phipps, President. Courtesy of Lyn Knight Auctions,
Series 1929 Type 1 $20 bank note with printed signatures of Joseph Yoerg, Cashier and S.C. Phipps, President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

A total of $984,030 in National Bank Notes was issued by this bank between 1863 and 1935. This consisted of a total of 111,510 notes (102,232 large size and 9,278 small size notes).

This bank issued the following Types and Denominations of bank notes:

Series/Type Sheet/Denoms Serial#s Sheet Comments
Original Series 4x5 1 - 5325
Series 1875 4x5 1 - 2700
1882 Brown Back 4x5 1 - 5533
1882 Brown Back 3x10-20 1 - 913
1902 Red Seal 3x10-20 1 - 2260
1902 Date Back 3x10-20 1 - 3900
1902 Plain Back 3x10-20 3901 - 8827
1929 Type 1 6x10 1 - 998
1929 Type 1 6x20 1 - 286
1929 Type 2 10 1 - 1281
1929 Type 2 20 1 - 293

Bank Presidents and Cashiers

Bank Presidents and Cashiers during the National Bank Note Era (1863 - 1935):



Other Known Bank Note Signers

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