First National Bank, Fort Atkinson, WI (Charter 157)

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2006 photo of the First National Bank building. The bank is still in business as Premier Bank (November 2021).

First National Bank, Fort Atkinson, WI (Chartered 1863 - Still in business (November 2021))

Town History

Fort Atkinson is in Jefferson County, in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin. It is on the Rock River, a few miles upstream from Lake Koshkonong. The town was named after General Henry Atkinson, the commander of U.S. forces in the area during the Black Hawk War (1832), and was developed at the site of Fort Koshkonong, which was used during that war. The settlement grew rapidly in the mid-19th century, after the migration of pioneers from the east, especially New York State. The population of Fort Atkinson was 334 in 1850, 2,010 in 1870, growing to 5,793 in 1930. Its highest (and current) population is estimated at 12,422 (2019).

Fort Atkinson had one National Bank chartered during the Bank Note Era, and it issued National Bank Notes. Fort Atkinson also had one Obsolete Bank that issued Obsolete Bank Notes during the Obsolete Bank Note Era (1782-1866).

Bank History

1882 Brown Back $5 Serial Number 1 bank note with pen signatures of C.A. Caswell, Asst Cashier and J.D. Clapp, President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

Official Bank Title(s)

1: The First National Bank of Fort Atkinson, WI

Bank Note Types Issued

Series 1902 Date Back $5 bank note with pen signatures of brothers >L.B. Caswell, Jr., Cashier and H.O. Caswell, Vice-President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,
Series 1929 Type 1 $10 bank note with printed signatures of L.B. Caswell, Jr., Cashier and J.F. Schreiner, President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

A total of $1,047,150 in National Bank Notes was issued by this bank between 1863 and 1935. This consisted of a total of 130,952 notes (120,664 large size and 10,288 small size notes).

This bank issued the following Types and Denominations of bank notes:

Series/Type Sheet/Denoms Serial#s Sheet Comments
Original Series 3x1-2 1 - 3000
Original Series 4x5 1 - 6250
Series 1875 4x5 1 - 3885
1882 Brown Back 4x5 1 - 4897
1882 Brown Back 3x10-20 1 - 510
1902 Red Seal 3x10-20 1 - 1920
1902 Date Back 3x10-20 1 - 3100
1902 Plain Back 3x10-20 3101 - 9704
1929 Type 1 6x10 1 - 1178
1929 Type 1 6x20 1 - 338
1929 Type 2 10 1 - 1027
1929 Type 2 20 1 - 165

Bank Presidents and Cashiers

1889 bank check with vignette of founder Joseph D. Clapp, signed by L.B. Caswell, Jr., Asst Cashier. Courtesy of Loren Gatch

Bank Presidents and Cashiers during the National Bank Note Era (1863 - 1936):



Other Bank Note Signers

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