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  • A special acknowledgment to Andrew Pollock III for his efforts transcribing the Presidents & Cashiers and the Total Resources & Circulation balances for all of the National Banks from the Annual OCC Reports 1863-1935, and for allowing us to use that data in our project. Andrew also transcribed additional National Bank succession data from Bankers Magazines dated 1863 to March of 1909 (when that magazine stopped reporting that information).
  • A special acknowledgment to Peter Huntoon for his help reviewing the Pollock OCC Bank Officer and Balance data, and for sharing his data and vast knowledge of National Bank Note History.
  • A special acknowledgment to Mark De Jeu for his help with programming the Banks & Bankers Database Search website and the National Bank Lookup website.
  • The following people have helped with information for the Banks & Bankers Database and the Bank Note History Wiki: Mark Anderson, Gary Bleichner, Frank Clark, Sergio Correia, Greg Culpepper, Dan Dieter, Julie Drengson, Marianne Drengson, Jim Ehrhardt, Manning Garrett, Loren Gatch, Dave Gelwicks, Todd Gylsen, Matt Hansen, Shawn Hewitt, Derek Higgins, David Hollander, Mark Hotz, Peter Huntoon, Glen Jorde, Karl Kabelac, Sullivan Labno, William Lynch, Fred Maples, Robert Pfaff, Cord Polen, Jay Prestin, Richard Radick, Cody Regennitter, Michael Saharian, Tim Sanda, Gil Sem, Adam Stroup, Steve Sweeney, Andy Timmerman, Cory Williams, Wendell Wolka.
  • Thanks to Greg Culpepper, Loren Gatch, Shawn Hewitt, Sullivan Labno, William Lynch, Richard Radick, Cody Regennitter, Adam Stroup and Cory Williams for their help with creating and editing Bank Note History Wiki content.
  • Project Administrator: Mark Drengson (


  • OCC Annual Reports 1863 – 1935 (U.S. Treasury Dept: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency).
The OCC Annual Reports are available online at the Currency Club of Chester County (PA) website.
Many of the Rand McNally Banker's Directories are available online at the St. Louis Fed Fraser website.
  • Polk's Banker's Encyclopedias 1906 – 1934 (Detroit and New York: Polk Bankers Encyclopedia Co.).
  • The Bankers Magazine 1846 – 1922 (New York: various publishers over the years).
The Bankers Magazine volumes are available online at the Currency Club of Chester County (PA) website.
(Search on 'TownName (or Charter#) certified proof'. ie 'Pipestone certified proof' or '3982 certified proof').

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  • Paper Money Journal, 1962-present (Published by the Society of Paper Money Collectors,
The SPMC Paper Money Journal contains many articles over the years about the history of National & Obsolete Banks and Bankers. An online Index with links to all 2500+ articles that have appeared in the Paper Money Journal since the first issue in 1962 is available at SPMC_Paper_Money_Articles_Index